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ArcGIS Server 10.3 defaulting WFS to 2.0 no matter what

Question asked by dougcurl on Jun 15, 2015

In 10.22 I had some services that I needed to be published at certain WFS ServiceTypeVersion (version 1.1.0) - I upgraded to 10.3 and despite the version I put into the service editor for the WFS service type version (such as 1.1.0), the service defaults to 2.0. It will honor the version if put into the URL (&version=1.1.0), but I need it to default to the version at which I published the service. Here's an example:

When I published that service, in the service editor I entered 1.1.0 - and it's defaulting to 2.0. Is this a bug or feature that I don't understand?