Changes to Main Forum Page on 11/5/2010

Discussion created by rfairhur24 on Nov 6, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2010 by Riverside
Sometime last night the main Current Forum page started displaying only 3 columns in each group of forums subjects.  The listed subjects first appear as a single column and then reformat to 3 columns after about 1 second.  This results in a large amount of white space between each forum group, since when the columns reformat, the group spacing does not resize with it.  It is an annoyance to have to scroll to see anything below the first group.

Prior to yesterday this was not happening.  Depending on my screen size and resolution at home and work I could get either 3 or 4 columns within a group.  While this made it more difficult to tell where a subject would be, it was less annoying to me since it was consistent for a given machine.  Before I could see at least 4 groups of subjects on the screen without scrolling.  Some more tweaks of the main page set up seem to be needed to improve the presentation of the forum groups and subjects.  This is occurring using EI8 and Windows Vista 64 Bit.