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Repair a sync failure in ArcGIS Collector

Question asked by cbeyerhelm on Jun 13, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2015 by pcrosier

The sync process on a Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 hangs with no progress, no error message, and no timeout.  It just sits there, despite a strong WiFi or 4G connection.  See the attached Image1.


This Samsung has successfully synced previous Collector projects without difficulty, so I know the device itself is capable.


Other devices (iPad, Android phone, etc.) are successfully syncing the current Collector project, so I know the current project itself is not “broken”.


This leads me to believe that something internal to the client_delta or geodatabase files on the Samsung have, somehow, gotten cooked.


These files are visible in the Samsung’s ArcGIS_Collector folder.  See the attached Image2.


This text is in the SyncProcessRecoveryInfo file (you may have to scroll across to see all the content), and the clientDeltaPath value is correct.

{"uploadId":"Upload Failed","clientDeltaPath":"/storage/emulated/0/ArcGIS_Collector/offline_data/cbeyerhelm.fpr_UjNGUFIubWFwcy5hcmNnaXMuY29t/8e53d896417a463885417d84604dd434/client_delta_1433811446075.geodatabase","createdClientDelta":true,"uploadedClientDelta":true,"acknowledgedUpload":false,"syncComplete":false,"syncStatusUrl":null}


So, how can I either fix this problem, or make a backdoor retrieval of the data and attachments and get them into my feature service.  There are 42 pending records and attachments that took field crews 2 weeks to collect.  I'm in a little bit of a panic.


Thank you...