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Auto-Incrementing ObjectID Field Outside of ArcGIS

Question asked by KHeulitt on Jun 12, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2015 by tpcolson

I have migrated a Filemaker Pro database to an enterprise geodatabase in SQL Server Express so that it can be viewed/edited in both Filemaker Pro and ArcGIS.  I'd like the ObjectID field in both feature classes and stand-alone tables to auto-increment when new records are added in Filemaker Pro.  I thought I could do this using the Identity data type in SQL Server but it does not appear that this data type is supported in ArcGIS (  I also don't appear to be able to alter this field in Filemaker to make it auto-increment.  Just wondering how people deal with this - is manually entering the value the only way to update the ObjectID field outside of ArcGIS?  This doesn't seem ideal.  Thanks in advance for any help!