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ArcGis beginner with a couple of noob questions

Question asked by whozitsdad on Jun 13, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2015 by whozitsdad

Good day to all.  I am still new to ArcGis and the ArcCatalog applications and learning quite a bit just playing around in ArcGis.  Our engineers use a 3rd party application that runs ArcEngine.  I use ArcMap to assist with entry level requests such as symbology; field editing and the odd intersect request.  I am not a drawer - the path that I am on is more of a data support guy


So with that abbreviated opening - I am more interested in finding out what others would recommend as in continued education with ESRI classes.  I have ArcGis 1 and 2 under my belt.  Editing Data with ArcGis for Desktop is next on the list, then building / managing geodatabase.


Since our engineers use a 3rd party app w/ArGEngine they do not have access to all the tools yet that ArcMap provides.  So the requests are getting a bit more complicated for a beginner.  We are a small Telecom that must provide data for the broadband portal initiative which I believe is almost over and other federal requests for service boundaries, etc.


Any advice for classes/education would be greatly appreciated.


Second question is (and Im pretty sure I know the answer after reading in the forums).  We use SQL as our database.  Our .mxd file contains a lot of layers as displayed in my TOC.  I'm curious what is the best method to share / provide our mapping to another engineering firm?  I am not sure they want a ton of shapefiles, however they will accept the shapefiles graciously.  What would be considered a more efficient way to share - and I suppose it would depend on the capabilities of the receiving parties?


Thank you as always