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ArcCatalog wont connect to geo databace folder

Question asked by kris10hook on Jun 12, 2015
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Im trying to organize the catalog at my new job.  The last planner left our sever a mess of data all connecting randomly with no organization at all!


I see that alot of the maps connect to a folder called "MaltaGeoDatabace.gbd" which I thought I could open in ArcCatalog to see the different shape files it contains.  Turns out I cant see it in the catalog.  It shows up in windows though. I also cant see a few other folders with are not geodatabaces and I don't understand whats happening.  Most of the other folders containing various types of data like hydrology, parcels, and zoning all show up fine.


Im using the most up to data version of the software. alot of these files are old, perhaps that is the issue?