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Supermarket Accessibility

Question asked by b.schadenberg on Jun 12, 2015
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It's been a while since I worked with arcGIS, and I know what I want to do should be easy, but I'm struggling.


My goal is to determine the supermarket accessibility in the Municipality of Amsterdam. I have all the files ready to go:

- the area is divided into grids of 100x100m

- the locations of all supermarkets are geocoded

- a suitable network dataset


Via the Network Dataset I want to get (from the center of the grids) for each grid

1) the distance to the nearest supermarket

2) the number of supermarkets within 1.000m

3) the mean distance to the three nearest supermarkets from different chains


The first one I managed to do simply with the Closest Facility option. With the second and the third I'm struggling. I hope somebody can help me.