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Directions link not working properly in Explorer for ArcGIS app?

Question asked by crobert8 on Jun 11, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2015 by crobert8

I have an AGOL web map for finding beach accesses in Florida. Within my pop-up I have a Google maps link to get directions to the current access and a google street view snapshot. Everything work fine on desktop but the directions link and snapshots don't work well in the Explorer app. When I click the directions link it opens google maps with the destination as Gulf of Mexico and says no routes can be found. Also most of the snapshots show the "Sorry we have no imagery here" message. when looking at the same accesses on my desktop the directions work and the snapshot is present. Any insight would be appreciated. I am using Explorer app on IOS 8.3 and the web map is out of the box no custom code or anything. As shown in the link below I am not using the mobile url for google maps I'll test to see if that changes anything.


Directions Link in popup:{Y_LATITUDE},{X_LONGITUD}


Streetview Snapshot:{Y_LATITUDE},{X_LONGITUD}&fov=90&heading={Aspect}&…


My Web Map