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ArcGIS Online Zoom Extent

Question asked by dcmoore1989 on Jun 11, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2015 by dcmoore1989

Hello all -


I'm working on publishing some GIS maps from ArcGIS Online's local government templates and I'm having an issue. I'm working on the Special Event Planning template and also the Campus Editor Template. After publishing my map as a service I'm not able to zoom in past 1:1128 in the map viewer. I'm trying to zoom in pas the building extent so that we will be able to edit and see rooms within buildings.


I've noticed that when I open the Campus Place Finder App, you can zoom in a lot further than 1:1128. Does anyone know how I can get my web map in ArcGIS online to zoom in past the building extent? Does this need to be done in ArcMap before I publish or does this need to be done after I publish the web map?