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GIS & UAS for the Texas Flood Response

Question asked by devonh on Jun 10, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2015 by devonh

Waypoint Mapping and Flightline Geographics have been involved in the Wimberley, Texas Flood Disaster response for a little over two weeks now. Initially, we implemented a Web-Based COP for the responders, followed by a Collector app for Search & Rescue teams to enter points of interest, notes and photos, then the Operations Dashboard for the Incident Command Post.


The 125 SAR teams collected over 650 points of interest to be investigated by K9 units and first responders. Several victims have been located and two are still missing as of 10 June 2015. All of these ESRI tools have allowed the SAR to proceed in a dynamic and realtime mode. Many thanks to the ESRI Disaster Response Program for helping us implement the system!


Flightline Geo has moved into the damage assessment phase by capturing and processing UAS (drone) imagery at 1.5" resolution. These ortho images have been loaded into ArcGIS Online and are available to the entire response, including those SAR teams using Collector on smartphones. Captured, processed and delivered in one day. In addition, a "Swipe Map" was implemented to allow before and after comparison of the impacted area of interest. It compares Digitalglobe imagery with 1 day old UAS imagery. 12" resolution vs 1.5" resolution! But the rapid turn-around is the real value.