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Arcpy: can't access lyr.symbology (but all other attributes fine)

Question asked by DanOln on Jun 9, 2015
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I've just been attempting my first map automation with arcpy (relatively new to Python but a Java coder). I'm working on an open document that's got a layer with a graduated colour symbology already defined, trying to access it to make a change before outputting.


The problem: in arcpy, I have access to, as far as I can tell, all the Layer object's attributes/methods - apart from symbology and symbologyType. Brightness through to workspacePath are all there, Symbology isn't. It's also not listed in lyr.supports(). I am able to run "lyr.definitionQuery =" fine, but "if lyr.symbologyType == "GRADUATED_COLORS":..." gives me "Layer object has no attribute 'symbologyType'." Same for Symbology.


I am using Arc/Arcpy on a remote server that's hot on security. That's only thing I can think of that might be affecting object access. Or it could be something very obvious I'm missing, given I'm new to it - but shouldn't all Layer objects give me access to testing for SymbologyType, at least? And if it's not working, why are all other atttributes/methods there? Confused!


Any thoughts on anything obvious I'm missing? I'm hoping it's something simple and stupid... Thank you.