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Community mapping project suggestions

Question asked by rogerlowe on Jun 8, 2015

I plan to implement a community mapping project in a GIS course I am teaching this fall.  I plan to send the students out with recreational-grade GPS units to mark and attribute their location throughout the day.  I want the students to dump their point data at the end of each week, do a QC for proper attributing, and then upload it to a server for display.  I have a couple of questions...


Have any of y'all done this type of project in an educational setting?  If so, what type of problems did you run into?


I would like the students to be able to upload their attributed point data to a server and have that information automatically integrated into a master dataset where it can be queried and viewed (web or desktop).  I'm concerned about the automatic integration into a master dataset. How can this be done with ArcGIS Server.  Is there another approach better suited for something like this?


I am interested in any suggestions or comments.  If you have any, let me have it.