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Lidar data workflows

Question asked by bryanboutz on Jun 8, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2015 by jdelgadillo-esristaff

I have a process that is triggered by a Lidar file being written to a folder.  I want to write a custom processor that will read the spatial footprint of the file then use the abilities of Geo Event Processor to operate on that footprint and possibly do some additional automation on the file. From what I can see, GeoEvent Processor is not designed for working with the large lidar files and the file transport will immediately start reading the file into a buffer.  As an alternative, I am thinking of writing a custom transport to just read the file name. From there custom process tasks can use JNI to call into C++ libraries for manipulating the large files.


Am I trying too hard to make a tool do something it isn't meant to do?

Can anyone point me toward an example of a customized file watching transport that I can build upon?


My backup plan is to write a separate service that monitors a folder and does the initial Lidar file manipulation, then calls into GeoEvent server and passes the file path and footprint data.  The down side is that then I loose many benefits of GeoEvent Server including tracking and logging the full workflow and I end up with multiple points of failure.


Thank you for any help or feedback you can provide.