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Export tiles from ESRI service to tile package

Question asked by michael_rich on Jun 8, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2016 by randall_williams-esristaff


I want to create a tile package .tpk from this ESRI map service.  How can I do this?


My main goal is to create one tile package file that I can use to side load multiple mobile devices that will be using Collector app.  I realize I can setup each device to individually download the basemap, but this does not seem efficient, especially when the tpk is 5Gb+ and I have over 5 devices.


Also, I would like to try to modify the derived tpk to constrain tiles to a defined boundary.  My thought here was, use the Tile Cache toolset to import the tpk to a cache dataset, manage the cache and constrain, then export the cache dataset back to tpk.  Does this sound right also?


most important to me is figuring out how to download a .tpk from the ESRI basemaps without having to browse to the REST endpoint and figure out how to input all the correct parameters.  It would be nice if ArcMap/arctoolbox had some good tools for doing just this.


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CALLING ALL Devs and AGOL Admin Tool developers !!    what about an admin tool for this concept?  or in arcGIS Server Manager?  still need to know answer to "How do I do this?".  Am I stuck with just REST endpoint?  Also, I thought I saw at UC years ago (like 3) ESRI R&D demoing this functionality in an early dev build of Portal.  It had the ability to create "Mobile Applications" just like we can currently create Web Mapping Applications in AGOL now.  The Mobile Application became a content item which could then be used to provision many devices within your organization.  if that exists somewhere or if one of you devs could PLEASE! build something, I'd be forever grateful.


thanks, Mike