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Global Normal.mxt - ArcGIS 10.2

Question asked by trillevine on Jun 5, 2015
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Hello All,


I'm trying to create a global Normal.mxt for all my users, who will be accessing 10.2 via an installation on a terminal server.  According the help, this should be possible, but I'm having some difficulty implementing it on a test installation.  The 10.2 help says:



Creating a custom Normal template

Suppose your administrator has custom toolbars or tools to which they want everyone in your organization to have access. Your administrator could create a customized Normal template and allow everyone in your organization to use it instead of the default Normal template. To accomplish this, your administrator would customize the Normal template, then copy that Normal.mxt file to the <Install Location>\Desktop 10.X\Templates folder. Everyone would then start with this Normal template instead of the default Normal template. The following is an explanation of how this works.


If there is no Normal.mxt file in your profiles location when you start ArcMap, the application will look in the <Install Location>\Bin\Templates folder. If a Normal.mxt file exists, that file is copied to your user profiles location and is then treated as your personal Normal template. Therefore, you start off with a copy of your organization's customized Normal template, but from that point on, you are able to save your own customizations to it.

If a Normal.mxt file is not found in your profiles location or in the <Install Location>\Desktop 10.X\Templates folder, then a new default Normal.mxt file is created and placed in your profiles location.



Ok, this seems easy enough, except that the help is contradictory: first it says that an edited Normal.mxt should be copied to the <Install Location>\Desktop 10.X\Templates folder; then where it explains how it is supposed to work under the hood, it says that on start, the program checks in <Install Location>\Bin\Templates for my customized template, assuming there isn't a Normal.mxt in my user profile (which I assume is user\appdata\roaming\arcgis\arcmap) where should the customized Normal.mxt be copied?  I've tried both locations (<Install Location>\Desktop 10.X\Templates and <Install Location>\Bin\Templates), and neither seems to work across user profiles, even though all Normal.mxt's have been deleted from their user profiles.  Anyone have a sollution to this?  Any feedback is greatly appreciated!