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Editing tools are generalizing/simplifying my polygons upon finishing.

Question asked by deleted-user-PQ_gPoM7yDbg on Jun 4, 2015

I am manually editing a polygon shapefile to more closely match a newer, more detailed, more accurate shapefile. I have used the Vertices, Reshape, and Replace Geometry tools to add more detail to and realign the polygons of the less accurate shapefile. This all appears well and fine until I hit the Finish button or save edits, at which point vertices will disappear and the lines will generalize to create a much less accurate geometry. Much more frustrating is that this doesn't occur 100% of the time, nor with entirety of the polygon - large sections of a polygon will remain faithful to my edits while others are simplifying without prompt or warning. I've tried disabling snap, editing the shapefiles both within and without a geodatabase, and reinstalling, but there's been no change. Is there a default level of generalization a la Online, or something else I've overlooked?