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Basemaps for multiple locations

Question asked by WarrenMedernach on Jun 4, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2015 by WarrenMedernach

I have a map that I want users to be able to take offline.  The problem is, this map has multiple locations scattered across a state and I want to be able to zoom in a far as possible at each site.  We cannot rely on a connection to be able to download each area while onsite.  I've determined that I can zoom to each site and download the detail for that area in Collector, and then choose not to remove the basemap when 'un-syncing' so it remains on the device.  But this is very tedious to have to do this for each site, and then not knowing which basemap is for each location as they just get named World_Imagery, World_Imagery_1, World_Imagery_2, etc.  I imagine you could go in and rename each of these folder names to something more meaningful, but again, quite tedious.


Is there a solution to this situation?  You can't generate Tile Packages of ESRI's basemaps so I'm not sure how to solve this...

Any suggestions/guidance would be greatly appreciated.


Warren M