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Portal hangs after log-in

Question asked by Bodstrup on Jun 3, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2015 by Bodstrup

I have installed Portal 10.3.1 along with Server and ArcGis Desktop.

Web adapter has been configured - at least to the best of my current ability.


I can access the Portal page both using port 7443 and port 80 via the Web adapter, I believe.


I can browse maps, and start a log-in, but after submitting the correct user-id and password, the portal keeps displaying the log-in page (without the actual fields for ID/PW). I can still access menu items in portal.


I believe I have added all the required hostnames to the 'secure sites' in IE.


Submitting a wrong password does give an error message, so the portal admin account has been created and can be accessed.


Any ideas on how to proceed ?