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Poll an external HTTPS website for JSON - Certification Error

Question asked by BGrod on Jun 3, 2015
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I could use some help with a GeoEvent Processor error that I am receiving when I try to Poll and external HTTPS website for JSON (input connector) using GeoEvent Processor Manager 10.2.2. Posting the log below and by the looks of it this is some type of certification error? Would this be a certification issue on my server or on the website which host the JSON? In short, we are working with a third party to track CalAmp Location Messaging Units (LMU). The third party is providing the LMU feed (currently test data) in JSON format in an effort to easily integrate with the out of the box GeoEvent Processor Input Connectors. One important note is that I can successfully navigate to the website while logged in to the server which GeoEvent Processor is installed on. From the server we added the site as Trusted website. Does GeoEvent Processor support HTTPS?


external website in JSON format


Log 1:

Failed to get a respon88037cd15f884f1a9a7a29a18fd79296se from


Log 2:

Second attempt failed. Giving up. ( --- PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target