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Derived Mosaic Display Order

Question asked by ldmitruk on Jun 4, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2015 by blake.terhune



I'm putting together a derived mosaic with multiple years of imagery and I have set up additional fields of metadata according to the Imagery Management guide so each source mosaic has the year is was obtained as a field. In the source mosaics I also set the year property for the overviews. In in the derived mosaic I set up mosaic properties to be by attribute only on the year field with a base order of 3000 as recommended in the guide.



For the data properties my default sort order is descending with the default operator set to first.



What I am encountering is unexpected behaviour with the display of the mosaics. In some cases the older imagery is being drawn over top the newer imagery at small scales.




Zoom in a bit and I get the expected display of the newer over the older.




Or the exact opposite in this case the newer displays over the older imagery as expected.



Zoom in and the older now displays over the newer imagery.




Any suggestions as to why this is happening?