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Setting extent of a raster not working...

Question asked by j.niles.fugro on Jun 2, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2015 by sephefox

This is a process I have done many times over the years and it is suddenly not functioning correctly  in ArcMap at all.


In the raster's layer properties under the 'extent' tab I choose the 'set the extent to' the rectangular extent of a polygon that I have loaded. Usually this will only display the the raster data that covered by the polygon.


What is suddenly happening in 10.2.2 is this:


     1. When I first set the extent to the rectangular extent of the polygon nothing happens - the raster displays just as it did before.

     2. When I go in ans repeat step one, the raster disappears entirely... gone. The only way to get it to display is to reload it.


I am at a total loss with this problem... Help!