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Xamarin Beta - any news?

Question asked by ar.lehmann on Jun 2, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2015 by minerjoe

At the moment we are evaluating possibilities for cross platform (mobile) development. One of the possible choices is the Xamarin SDK (AppStudio being the other). Our problem is that besides the presentation at DevSummit there is no news regarding Xamarin. As we are a .Net shop, Xamarin would fit perfectly into our skill set but the silence surrounding it leaves us doubtful if esri is committed to it.


Is there anybody who could talk about the current situation regarding Xamarin? Our last information is that there's supposed to be a beta in july this year - is that still coming or do we have to wait?


I was directed here from the AppStudio beta forums because apparently some of the devs on the .Net Runtime team are also working on Xamarin, maybe one of them could shed some light on this issue.