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Arc Collector Map Download Failed

Question asked by 6694aaron on Jun 2, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2018 by Weng.Ng

What does the error message mean when trying to download--


"Unable to create replica. Please check your parameters. Exporting data for layer 0 failed."


Occurs on both IOS and Android.

Occurs regardless of whether the Basemap is stored on device or not.

Only happens when i try to download from a specific area in the map, I work in Teton County Wy, I can work offline with no issues in 95% of the county, except for this section.

When I use the same basemap with a different map, with different features, it works fine. Which leads me to believe the error isn't in the basemap or aerial image, but in certain features that are within that area of the basemap.

Sync enabled-  I can work offline with the map, just not in one area of the map.


Help is appreciated.