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new geocoder is so much slower than the old one

Question asked by kekeje on Jun 2, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2015 by kekeje

We use StreetMap Premium geocoder, and just installed 2014R3 version. However, compared to the old one we had (2012R3, SDC based), this new geocoder is about 3 times slower. For example, the geocoding speed was about 130,000records/hour for the old one (using ArcMap 10.0), and 45,000records/hour for this new one (using ArcMap 10.3).


I checked computer performance while geocoder was running, it doesn't look like CPU nor memory has reached its capacity, so geocoder performance should not be limited by my hardware or resource sharing. I am thinking if there is any major change in the geocoder itself that could lead to such a dramatic change??! I saw posts mentioning GDB vs. SDC. Anybody has the same problem?


I encountered a number while googling:

page 6 mentioned desktop speed of 2,250,000/hour for batch geocoding (though it's an older version). I would be happy to get one tenth of it. How can I make the new geocoder run faster? Thanks a lot!