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Portal for ArcGIS 10.3.1 bad visualization after installation

Question asked by on Jun 1, 2015
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It's been a week now since we upgraded our version from 10.3 to 10.3.1 and right after the upgrade we had many visual problems when browsing the portal on IE, such as bad width of the top menu bar when the "My organization" button shows up in 2 lines, the search bar shows up always on the left side beneath the menu bar instead of being at the right side, maps got scrambled like a puzzle in a very weird way and more... see attached screenshots


Today I removed the Portal + Web Adaptor + Data Store + deleted their libraries! which means pretty much a complete clean re-installation from scratch with no previous settings or content.


Installed it again, and the same problems shows up! - no scrambled maps, but all other visual problems I've mentioned (see attach screenshots).


Removed everything again! installed IE version 11 and then tried to reinstall the portal again, and still nothing changed - you can see it's wrong immediately at the first portal window when he asks to create a new user - first screenshot.



Do anyone knows or ever experienced this issue?? I got some support from ESRI and others but still no one managed to reproduce or understand where this issues comes from.



I should also add that it happens ONLY on IE (any version!) and not other browsers - my organization is not going to leave IE anytime soon so it's not a choice.


Pretty sure it's a server side installation issue since the behavior is the same from any machine browsing to the portal regardless the IE version and the ArcGIS Online version is shown great at that same IE that shows all problems.


When I browse to the online version with that same IE (that shows all those problems), everything is shown perfectly fine!


Screenshots -


First screen right after a clean installation -



Screenshots a few days ago before the clean installation -