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How long is a GeoProcessing result viable?

Question asked by MikeEber on Jun 2, 2015
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We have some very long running geoprocessing tasks that run on ArcGIS Server as Geoprocessing instances.

Each is tied by a JobID.

We are working to add robustness to our application by running all of these on background worker threads.  Each task and it's status displayed in a window shown beneath the AGX window.  A future desire is to dynamically reset the client to display the results at any point in the future.


We would like to hold that JobID on the client so that if they lose their machine or just start a ton of processes to run overnight and shutdown their system, we want to restart the outstanding tasks in recovery mode and have them queued up ready to display the results as if the client was never shut down.  This is inside a DoD government facility so the shutdown of the system is a requirement before leaving for the night.


This leads to a key question: When a job completes how long do the job's results remain viable on the server?  Are they accessible 12 hours or many days later?