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Update part of a Mosiac Dataset 10.2.2.

Question asked by dhuhkosi on Jun 2, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2015 by dhuhkosi

Hello ESRI Users


Please note names of TIFs and paths are made up for this example.


SDE 10.2.2. / ArcDesktop 10.2.2.


December 2014:  I created a colour Orthophoto Mosiac Dataset called AREA1 in SDE 10.2.2


[1] CreateMosaicDataset                         D:\RASTER\conn\1.sde  AREA1   4 BAND  8_BIT_UNSIGNED

[2] AddRastersToMosaicDataset             I added 1000 TIFs to the Mosiac Dataset – these are stored on the File System D:\RASTER\tifs\*.tif 

[3] DefineOverviews                                 Identified 8 overview levels - These are stored on the File System D:\RASTER\overviews\*. tif

[4] BuildOverviews


In part [2] the tifs are called 1.tif,2.tif, 3.tif…..999.tif, 1000.tif


Users access the Mosiac Dataset via an SDE connection.


All worked ok. Performance was good.


HOWEVER, we have now noticed that 4 tifs need replacing (500.tif,501.tif,502.tif and 504.tif) due to poor image quality.


I have naturally read the ESRI documentation and done some “googling” but I am still 100% unsure of the correct procedure.


Can anyone give me a “cookbook” / urls on what is the best procedure to make this update from your real-world experience?


Much appreciated.