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How to add a WMS service into HTTPS-only/Win-Authenticated Portal

Question asked by ss9839 on Jun 1, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2016 by ss9839

  We have an enterprise Portal which is HTTPS-only and uses windows-authentication.  We have a CAD client that wants to use a series of OGC (WMS and WFS) layers registered in the Portal.  Attempting to add the layers in the client (or in ArcMap) gives an error that a token is needed.  By generating a token on the portal administration page, you can add the WMS service into ArcMap or into the CAD one time, but a subsequent attempt to add (even for a two-week token) will fail.  What is wrong here?  The URL I use in ArcMap is like  .  It will work exactly once in ArcMap (ditto for the CAD client).  It fails the next time I try to reconnect, no matter how soon.