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sync_send_-1_0 in sde_versions table

Question asked by boyle.matt on Jun 2, 2015

We are experimenting with disconnected editing and seem to have run into an issue...


Today, after we were done collecting data we performed a sync from our mobile device.  Everything shows up fine after the sync, data is within the disconnected version and data can be reconciled and posted to the DEFAULT version without a problem.


Our issue though, is that when we un-register all the replicas on the gdb, our sde_versions table is not being cleared out.  We still have several sync_send and sync_receive records in the sde_versions table.  One of these sync_ records is named 'sync_send_-1_0'.


Is there a reason the sde_versions table is not being cleared out when un-registering the replicas?  We are unable to delete the disconnected version because of this and therefore we aren't able to perform a full compress of the gdb...records are remaining in the delta tables instead of being pushed to the base table.


We are using ArcGIS Server 10.3, Desktop 10.3, and SDE is at 10.3.



Thanks in advance!