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Physical and virtual server, Can someone reveiw my plan?

Question asked by deepsheep on Jun 1, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2015 by pk_davidson

We're just in the process of setting up new hardware and I'm designing how I'd like the ArcGIS for server to be laid out.  Here's my plan, any problems?


Server 1- (virtual server) Web Adaptor

Server 2 - (physical server - blade) ArcGIS for Server Enterprise (windows)

Server 3 + - (virtual servers) Additional ArcGIS for Server Enterprise (windows) as required for load balancing.  (future growth)


I also want to set up Portal in the coming months.  Should that be it's own beast or should it be installed with the Web Adaptor?  The documentation makes it sound like I should install it on it's own machine with it's own web adaptor.  Is that correct? Can I install it on it's own machine and use the existing web adaptor? Or should I re-work the entire installation around Portal?  (I know there's a pile of information out there, but it's tough to wade through to what I want)


I'm planning to do 10.3.1.  Any reason not to?  (besides needing to update people's desktops)


Any thoughts are appreciated!  Thanks for the second opinion everyone!