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Offline Data not syncing to server

Question asked by chrisswank on May 29, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2015 by chrisswank

We are running Portal 10.3, ArcMAP 10.3 and Collector 10.3.  We have successfully published our feature service and created a map in Portal. If we open the map on the iPad in Collector and we add a point to the light pole layer, it pushes to the server and if we refresh the browser on computer logged into portal, it will show the new point. 


Next we download the map to the iPad for offline use.  We add a new point to the light pole layer. Once finished, it shows the 1 in a red circle showing our number of updates, we tap the sync button and it appears to do its thing to transfer the newly collected data.  When we refresh the browser on the computer, it does not show the new point.  If we open the map in ArcMAP and open the attributes table for the light poles, it does not show the new point.  It does however, still show the new point on the screen of the iPad. 


Any ideas why it is not publishing the point to the server?  We are not getting any errors so things "appear" to be working correctly. 


The attachments show the point added in offline mode on collector (in the middle of the street).  The other shows the same road on the computer with the point missing.