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Unable To Import GeoReferenced Data

Question asked by ForgeSouth on May 30, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2015 by MicahShane

Hi everybody,


So... I am having some really frustrating problems! I am trying to develop a 3D model of my city but it is really not working because of import problems. I have generated an export of street data from OpenStreet Maps and have loaded them into the scene file and adopted the scene co-ordinates as WGS84 Zone-35 etc... The streets import just fine.


BUT, when I then import terrain data from the same co-ordinates and using exactly the same projection CityEngine gives me an error to say that the data I am trying to load is too far from the current information.


So, despite (as far as I can see) having all the data in exactly the same projection references, all properly georeferenced and sorted, I cannot get all the files to play nicely with each other!


I would really appreciate some help! This is truly frustrating.


Thanks in advance!