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Question asked by j.eyreesri-ch-esridist Employee on May 28, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2015 by j.eyreesri-ch-esridist

I was wondering if there is any chance that future versions of the web app builder will allow for custom "predefined-apps". At the moment, we only have the possibility to change the <webapp builder install dir>\client\stemapp\predefined-apps\default\config.json file to change the way a new app is created. The problem with this is that you only have one default way of creating a new app.


I would like to see the ability to have several predefined apps, like this:


<webapp builder install dir>\client\stemapp\predefined-apps\project_x\config.json

<webapp builder install dir>\client\stemapp\predefined-apps\project_y\config.json

<webapp builder install dir>\client\stemapp\predefined-apps\project_z\config.json


Then when I create a new app in the webapp builder, I should be able to choose one of these predefined apps.


At the moment, it is only possible to choose "2D", which points to the <webapp builder install dir>\client\stemapp\predefined-apps\default\config.json file, and then there is the "3D" coming soon app. If we had the ability to define more predefined-apps, we should be able to choose them here in the "create new app" dialog.


Is this in the pipeline?