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ArcGis Server 10.3 data store folder subscription fail

Question asked by emarck on May 28, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2015 by emarck


     We have an new ArcGis Server 10.3 and we try to add  link to a sharing folder via the Server manager web interface.


When we go in  Site->DataStore we find a web page with 2 table.


First one is to add database subscrition and second one to add folder subscription.


In this case I try to add a new folder subscription to a shared folder.


When I add a shared folder who are directly on the server that's work very well.


When I try to add a folder who are on a  external QNAP drive linked on the lan I receive the error like I dont have permission on this folder.


We have try to create local server account on the QNAP without success. The GUI refuse to connect on this folder.


When I close my session on the server, and I open a new one with one of the account who are on the server and on the QNAP, I could without any problem map a drive on the shared folder. I have read/write access.


I have try to map with all this sequences:


\\ ip of the QNAP\sharing folder name

\\nom of the QNAP\sharing folder name


Each I have the same message than I could not connect to this folder because It do not exist or we dont have require access.


The only diffrence I have found between my shared folder on the server who work fine and the shared folder on my QNAP is  DCOM access services who are in my security list associate to my server folder and who dont exist on my QNAP.

When I check the 2 folder security  permission list I find the same user on th both folders except the DCOM.


Any idea is welcome !