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Dynamically changing layer's symbology on a GP service

Question asked by shayamrany on May 27, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2015 by s.offermannconterra-de-esridist



I'm working on a model with model builder.

At the end of the process i want to set the symbology using "Apply symbology from layer" tool.

The .lyr file varies by the input of the process. I'm doing this using "calculate value" tool.

Here is the code in the calculate value:


def x(num):

if num==2:

  return "C:\\tmp\GisSql.tmp2.lyr"

return "C:\\tmp\GisSql.tmp3.lyr"


now, the model runs perfectly on my local machine, including the symbology decision above.

but after publishing and trying to run it i get an error:


  • esriJobMessageTypeError: ERROR 000229: Cannot open c:\arcgisserver\directories\arcgisjobs\test\model_nafa_bar_chart_gpserver\jd3923b869c2f4389a24e3bceb8b36236\scratch\tmp\GisSql.tmp2.lyr


Well, i understand the problem. The .lyr file was not copied to the server, or the server cant find it for any other reason.

The question is, how can i dynamically change the symbology of a geo process?


I tried registering the "c:\tmp" folder with with the server - with no luck.


Any advice? I've spent hours on this..