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GeoEvent and VMware Replication

Question asked by arepsher on May 27, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2015 by rsunderman-esristaff

Hello Everyone,


I am wondering if anyone else has any problems or experience with GeoEvent Extension and VMware replication.  Specifically, turning off a VM at one physical location and turning it back on in another.  I have not read any documentation specific to VMware compatibility with GeoEvent Extension.  I am also aware that there is a slicker way to do this in VMware such as VMotion over WAN, but we don't have the bandwidth to do that yet.


In our current setup, there are a number of VMs that are replicated to an alternate operations center.  If the primary location goes dark, we can spin up those VMs at the alternate location.  We have manually done this to the GeoEvent VM and have found one issue.  When I originally installed this VM, I configured GeoEvent with its local AGS as the machine name instead of "default".  I set up all of my FS and Streaming outputs to this "machine named" registered AGS.  Later on, one of the Esri GeoEvent guys added that "default" registered AGS for me.  When the replicated VM was turned on at the alternate location, all of my FS and Streaming outputs were re-configured to use the "default" AGS connection.  They showed as working in the GEManager, but no data was shown flowing.


To correct:

  1. I opened the output
  2. Changed the ArcGIS Server Connection from "default" to my named server connection
  3. Changed the Name of the output.
  4. Saved the output.


Of note, just changing the AGS Connection and saving did not work.


If anyone has any other experience with this type of setup, or with VMotion over WAN, I would like to hear about your experience.