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Question asked by davidegalimberti on May 27, 2015
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Good morning!

I am quite new to ArcGIS. Here is my problem: I have created a DTM and its relative "Slope map" (using the "slope" command from the Spatial analyst tool).

I would like to create a slope variation map now, starting from this "slope map", in order to detect where there is a variation larger than 10°(which means that sudden and big variations can be found there).

I have tried this “block statistics” command, calculating the Standard Deviation of 3x3 cells blocks. I have tried also to calculate the “range” of these blocks but the result differs a lot from the previous one, of course. My question is: are there other commands or other ways to calculate this slope variation? And, in general, are there other commands with which it is possible to make calculation and operations on the cells belonging to a raster?

Thanks in advance