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smaller polygon layer clipping larger polygon layer

Question asked by DanBear on May 26, 2015
Latest reply on May 26, 2015 by sephefox

I have tried Extract by Polygon for this problem but this is not a raster problem.


All I want to do is create a "Donut Hole" layer.    Basically I want to clip out holes in a larger polygon layer; I thought I could do this with a smaller polygon layer but it didn't happen.  Once I create a donut hole layer, what I ultimately want to do is select all polylines within that layer.


Call this the reverse of clip.


Here are some basic illustrations of what I want to do.


1) ChicoClipESRI1:   Basic Select by Location Polygon within Polygon.


2) ChicoClipESRI2:  Select By Location:  All Polylines within Polygon.


Now the hard part:


3) ChicoClipESRI3:  I need to Reverse Selection for all the polylines (all Polylines Not within the Chico Layer (magenta) but also only within the larger Polygon layer that now has holes in it (White spaces), not all lines from the whole polyline layer.


Is there an efficient way to do this?


Select by location doesn't have a way to select all lines outside of a selected layer and Extract by Polygon doesn't do this for basic Polygon layers!!!




I can see how I could do multiple clips and selections by location (select all polylines within larger polygon layer, clip, then do reverse selections) but is that really the best way to  go?


Dan B