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Can I find duplicates in a number (~30) of point shapefiles?

Question asked by ThePinkGeologist on May 27, 2015
Latest reply on May 28, 2015 by canadiantodd

I have a bunch of xy shapefiles (31 in one project and 37 in another). They are all "parts" of a single xy shapefile that I have separated into chunks regionally.


For example in one project, the original file has 1799 points in it and the 37 segments have parts of that (and a few are actually thrown out, so the sum would be 20-30 less than 1799). I need to know if I've accidentally counted one point in more than one region (and there are too many to trust eyeballing it).


I could export it all to Excel and look for duplicates but that will take a long time and seems onorous. Is there a quicker way to look at them all together and see if there is duplicates? For instance, if I threw them back into a "merge" can I quickly ask it to show me duplicate values?


Any help is appreciated. Thanks!