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Registering Folders in ArcGIS for Server

Question asked by canadiantodd on May 25, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2015 by canadiantodd

Hi folks, having an issue that someone can hopefully help me out with:


I can register SDE geodatabases just fine, the problem I have is with registering folders.  I have a network storage device; it has its own IP and is a share that is accessible by the server and client machines (let's say  Clients can access this share via the UNC or by mapping the drive to their own computer (we'll say the Q:\ drive).


I created one registration via the UNC address and it works fine (doesn't warn that data will be copied to the server), but I get a medium warning that data is being referenced by UNC (don't know if this is bad?).


I've also created a second registration with the following settings:

Publishers Path:                           Q:\

Publisher Folder Hostname:

Server Folder Path (unchecked): \\\geodata


It creates the registration and validates just fine, but when I analyze to publish, I still get a warning that my data is not registered and that it will be copied to the server.  Any ideas?  This is server 10.3.1, but I had the same issues in 10.2.2.