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How to Share Maps & Apps with Esri Premium Content Outside the Organization?

Question asked by iahern on May 25, 2015
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Hello all-


Esri has been incredibly supportive of the use of ArcGIS Online in K-12 Education by the provision of an organizational account for every school through the ConnectEd program (  We have many teachers and students making great maps and apps that include Esri Premium Content that they want to share with others that might not have an organizational account.  Esri has made this possible through the sharing process described below which charges any credit consumption to the organization, however I’m still having some issues:


Sharing Process:

  1. 1. Find out the service address of the service that requires Org-level access

(a) See for example

(b) Look toward the bottom to note the actual service address, and the alert that this item requires an Org login, though it does not consume credits. Copy the service address and return to "My Contents."

  1. 2. In your account's "My Contents", do "Add an Item", from the web, pointing to the specific service address. In this process, a dialog box should pop up, alerting you that this is a protected item, and you need to make decisions. Unless you enter your login/password and store those credentials, it will require someone to log in, even if you do the rest of the steps below.
  2. 3. After storing the credentialed item, make the map (or modify an existing one) so it is pointing to the item in your My Content.
  3. 4. Save and share the map.
  4. 5. Make an app from the map, and share that publicly.


So……I created a map that utilizes Esri’s 2014 USA Population Density layer.  This layer ( displays population density in a yellow to red color scheme at various geography levels depending on zoom level (Block Group to State).  This map is accessible by anyone with an organization login at:


I then followed the sharing process described above and added the item to My Content and shared it with everyone.  I made another map with the item as listed in My Content (see and the map is publicly accessible. Unfortunately, the map is no longer symbolized (styled).  Although I knew it would be a pain, (and something beyond the level of many of the students/teachers I work with given time constraints) I figured I could go in and set the style so that it would display as it had been by classifying by population and normalizing by area in sq. miles and then using manual breaks.  Unfortunately, no matter what browser I use, asking the map to do this for even the largest geography (states) brought every browser I tried (Safari, Firefox, Chrome) to its knees.


Has anyone done this successfully?  Thanks for any assistance you can provide….