Request: MEANINGFUL content on the "Justify your trip" page

Discussion created by evtguy on May 26, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2015 by rastrauch

Why is the "Justify Your Trip" page so devoid of actual content about what the conference is? Like many folks, I have to craft a justification memo/letter but, in addition to that, I need to attach something that show/describes what the conference is and is about. Back in the "good 'ole days" when ESRI physically mailed something leading up to each year's conference, I could photocopy or attach that because it actually contained who/what/where content such as "..over 13,000 attendees, 200 plus workshops, 120 user submitted paper sessions, etc.....".


Now, we get a webpage with nine lowly quotes from John and Jane Doe, all of whom a non-GIS person could care less about. Look- we're users, we get it. But I need to submit something to non-users. I need a web page, or PDF, something WITH ESRI'S STAMPING, that simply explains what this is all about. This new era of snazzy modern design webpages and select quotes really doesn't really cut it.


Go back to the future. Please.