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Replace URL Label with Symbol

Question asked by sweaters1 on May 22, 2015
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I'm quite a GIS novice, so please feel free to dumb-it-down to me.


I'm trying to create a layer to overlay a property parcel map.  The purpose of this layer is to identify which parcels have a certain document (Elevation Certificate) on-file, and allow users to access these documents with a click of mouse.


The pdf documents are already web accessible elsewhere in a list format, so URL's already exist for each document.


So far, I've been able to associate the document link with the respective parcels.  However the entire URL link appears on the map, as seen in the image below.  While centered over the correct parcel, the label is so long it covers several parcels, making it difficult to see which parcel is affected and crowd the labels when they get close.


I'd rather have a much smaller standard symbol appear over such lots, which the viewers can click to view the respective document.


How I created these labels (ArcGIS Desktop 10.3).


- I Took the property parcel layer, and added a field to the attributes table for "Elevation Certs."


- When a parcel has an Elevation Certificate, the URL is pasted to this field.  This associates a document with the respective parcel.


- This string field is the label designation for each record in this layer.  It's this string data (URL address) that appears as the label.