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FeatureLayer selectFeatures only displays one feature

Question asked by snoakes on May 22, 2015
Latest reply on May 26, 2015 by snoakes

I am creating a select features tool.  It will work as follows:


  • The user draws a polygon
  • The draw-end event fires a function that runs an identifyTask to query the visible layers (NB. the identifyTask does NOT return the geometry).
  • The callback function from the identifyTask loops through the results set and creates four arrays - a list of the layers, a list of the ids, a list of the geometry types and a corresponding set of HTML tables detailing the feature attributes for that layer
  • The first array is used to create a drop-down list of layers, and when the selection changes, the display changes to display the relevant table.


So far so straightforward.


I also want the selected features to be highlighted when the layer selection is changed.  To achieve this I have:


  • Created a featureLayer (using the id from the array) with the mode set as MODE_SELECTION
  • Set the selection symbol (uses the geometry type array to determine what type of symbol this should be)
  • Created a queryTask using the geometry of the polygon created in the first step
  • Run the selectFeatures method on the featureLayer using the queryTask
  • Added the featureLayer to the map.


However, only the first feature in each layer is highlighted.  Yet if I look at the query results in the browser console I can see multiple results are returned.


What am I missing?




Sarah Noakes

Cornwall Council