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Best Device/OS/Software for Onsite Data Collection

Question asked by kumarnv on May 25, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2015 by blackbrett

HI All,


I am looking some suggestions for best tablet/phone with or without android/apple  os for the following requirements. Our violation inspectors go to site and perform the following:


1. Using address and parcel as the reference in device, they locate the address through the GPS location fro the device (phone or tablet).

2. Take pictures and upload to the associated violation.

3. Print the violation notice (looking for a small printer)

4. Once job is done, sync it online with our internal server (portal for ArcGIS) using VPN or other possible options. (internet not allowed).


As I am not surveying, the accuracy is not important however using the existing gps (5 to 10 m accuracy), the inspectors can find the nearest address using the base layer. Kindly suggest the best:


1. Device: Tablet or Phone or Garmin device with high megapixels camera

2. OS: Android or Apple

3. Software: ArcPad or Data Collector

4. Printing: Small Bluetooth printer

5. Key features: Sunlight readable device (tablet/phone)


I appreciate your suggestions on the above query.