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EPANet dll with ArcMap Addin not working

Question asked by sshamsuzzaman on May 21, 2015

I have an input file(.inp) of EpaNet project. I want to use this .inp file to run the project with the help of epanet2.dll from my arcmap addin button.

In EPANET project , there is a portion that is running hydraulic simulation. This hydraulic simulation run by calling <ENsolveH()>  or <ENepanet(inputfile,reportFile,outputFile)>method of epanet2.dll . When running hydraulic simulation , a temporary binary file(HYD) may be created.


When I run the simulation in a console application of c# project , this is run successfully. But when I call the running method from a simple addin button application(show message "hello world") of acrmap, an error gives from running method (ENsolveH/ENepanet)  . This error gives a code of 305 that indicate "Cannot open hydraulics file" according to documenteation.


Can you give some suggestions that how to recover the problem or why I am facing this kind of problem. Why hydraulic file can not be created and opened ??


Thanks .

Shekh Shamsuzzaman


EpaNet2.dll gives 305 error code from arcmap addin application