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Problems regarding option windows in ArcGIS 10.x in Windows 8.1

Question asked by seaikh1 on May 21, 2015
Latest reply on May 26, 2015 by johns

I'm sorry I cannot exactly name the problem so the title would seem little weird. I've been using ArcGIS 9.3 for quite some time. Then I recently started using 10.2.2 in my new laptop. It took me a couple of days to understand that I'm having trouble in the 'pop-up windows' like the option windows inside the application (pls see the attached figures). The options windows are not displayed fully so many of the items are clipped on the bottom. Please look at the attached figures as I cannot describe it better. There is no scroll-bar and I cannot resize those windows. Reducing the windows font (to 100%) did help in some windows but still it clipped the bottom part. I reinstalled it, asked school for new version (10.3), changed resolution of the windows but it didn't help. This problem is not seen in other application like photoshop but only in esri applications (ArcMap, ArcScene etc.)


Is there anybody facing this problem or has any solution?

I have Dell XPS 15 with windows 8.1 and I use 1920x1080 resolution.


Thanks in advance.