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ArcGIS Pro Geocoding

Question asked by jmward on May 21, 2015
Latest reply on May 29, 2015 by CHash-esristaff

I am setting up a project to deal with address questions I get over the phone or to verify business license addresses on applications.  I have added a local locator that I use to assign and search for addresses.  My problem is, every time I open the project and type an address in the locate window, I get results from the General Locator.  I am assuming this is Esri's world locator.  I go into settings on the Locate window and uncheck the Enable and Use Suggestions boxes, but when I open the project again they are checked.  I don't want to use that locator, I want to use my own local - more accurate composite locator as the default.  It would be nice if I could right click on the locator and remove it, but that option is greyed out for this locator.


Is it possible?  Or should I continue to use ArcMap?  I like being able to have two separate maps open for the same function.