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AGSLocationDisplay refresh

Question asked by on May 20, 2015
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What I am trying to do is, when you press a button, the app auto pan and zoom to current location. Then I can pan the map to other place, and when I press that button again, it will still bring me to my current location (auto pan and zoom).


My problem is, when I first press the button, it works as i expected. Then I move to other place on the map, and when i press the button again, it does not auto pan and zoom to my current location.


Code is below:


- (void)viewDidLoad {
    [super viewDidLoad];

     // add map layers
     ... ...

     self.mapView.locationDisplay.autoPanMode = AGSLocationDisplayAutoPanModeCompassNavigation;
     self.mapView.locationDisplay.navigationPointHeightFactor = 0.5;
     [self.mapView.locationDisplay addObserver:self forKeyPath:@"location" options:NSKeyValueObservingOptionNew context:NULL];

- (IBAction)showCurrentLocation:(id)sender {

    [self.mapView.locationDisplay startDataSource];

- (void)observeValueForKeyPath:(NSString *)keyPath ofObject:(id)object change:(NSDictionary *)change context:(void *)context {
    if ([keyPath isEqual:@"location"]) {
        // creating graphics on current location
          ... ...

        [self.mapView.locationDisplay stopDataSource];