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raster mosaic mysteries?

Question asked by deleted-user--OX3h3mn-p5P on May 20, 2015
Latest reply on May 20, 2015 by rastrauch

I'm trying to create a mosaic of first-returns lidar data (from a 2006 USGS acquisition for a large watershed in WA State which only produced a bare earth DEM).  I downloaded approx. 80 tiles data, each 1/4 of a USGS quadrangle from the Puget Sound Lidar Consortium.  Here's a capture of the tiles (the orange polygon is my area of interest.)  It an older lidar dataset so there's some pixel gaps. and the water in the river hasn't been interpolated well.

I followed "typical" steps of creating a raster mosaic dataset and then exporting the tiled raster data to get a .tiff or grid to work with (I want to create canopy and vegetation coverage rasters for riparian assessments). I get odd results (see 2 below).  Not all the mosaic seems to come through the processes, and I'm curious if anyone has a clue what's up, and how to get the whole to knit together.  Also, anyone have a script for extracting the rasters from their .e00 folders?